From the Owner

Picture this: our Vista Cruiser station wagon packed with luggage on top, all strapped in, the Thermaster cooler packed with drinks and snacks, and us four kids--each with our own lil' suitcases of puzzles, books and toys. Along with maps and tour books, off we went to explore, learn, play, hike. But for me, road trips were all about the gift shops. Dad gave each of us a few dollars (in the 60's and 70's, a few bucks was a lot!) and I was always the last to choose what I was going to purchase. It was soooo hard. There were the beaded necklaces! the silver charms! the turquoise! The list goes on and on.

Then after a career in retail, Ruby Rose is the culmination of lots of memories and a storeful of similar kinds of wonders. We still do road trips every few weeks, sometimes near and sometimes far. We love meeting people and buying from hardworking people motivated by love for their work. We love hearing your stories and laughing about the craziness and serendipity of this junking community.