One Upon A Time...Clover & Branch

Talking with Carrie is like waving your finger through a flickering flame--a flash of heat and excitement. She is serious about being passionate, serious about flowers, and serious about creating gorgeous bouquets that are as much art as they are flower arrangements. She is the owner & florist of her shop, Clover & Branch, located (thankfully) in our hometown, San Luis Obispo. Meet Carrie, and then snag something beautiful from Clover & Branch...

What was your road to becoming a florist and the owner of Clover & Branch?

My road to being the primary designer and owner of Clover & Branch was pretty straightforward, really. I've always loved flowers and designs--through college and lots and lots of travel, I always stayed with it, really committed to growing, learning, and perfecting my craft. I've worked as a floral designer for the past 24 years, yet if you asked me, I would adamantly express my feelings of fear of being tied to one thing and not having flexibility, which us pretty ironic. I think one if the most elemental things that drew me to starting my own business, was the flexibility and the ability the cultivate a non-traditional lifestyle. It has not disappointed.

What are you most proud of (specific items or aspect) at your shop?

Starting a business from scratch is no joke, it is not for the faint of heart. Even though I have been in the floral industry for a long time--building my name, my brand, my reputation has felt like such an accomplishment. It has taken a lot of time, and a lot of hard work, and a whole lot of love.  With that is so much fun--it is unbelievable what I get to do in a day. Truly. And for me, that is the best and makes every single moment worth it. Owning Clover & Branch really allows me to take my creative and visual obsessions a bit overboard--currently...wood, sort of all of it, the studio is packed with it. A few weeks ago it was yellow, everything yellow! And ever since Winter, it has been cotton, gorgeous organic cotton, I'm still pretty obsessed with that, too. Owning my own business gives my natural, creative personality traits a space to thrive and share.

What are some your favorite things to do in SLO County? 

Hiking our gorgeous local trails;
Sipping wine at Granada and The Station;
Hunting for treasures at my favorites Ruby Rose, Brooks Woodcraft, Len Collective, and Appendage and Bough;
Searching out small out-of-the-way nurseries and farm stands (Nipomo and the back roads of Arroyo Grande have some amazing ones)!
Sunning in my beautiful, sanctuary of a yard catching up on design magazines...
Pretty much everything about SLO is my favorite, there are so many small and big new adventures and treasures.

What's exciting on your horizon?

This time of year, it's weddings on my mind and that's about it. It is pretty all consuming--I try really hard to keep some sort of balance for myself and my husband during the season. Sometimes I do much better than other times. Generally speaking, my life is pretty dynamic, and things change constantly, and for that.... I am so deeply grateful.

Free plane ticket to anywhere: where would you go?

Plane ticket anywhere... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that is a tough one. Really tough!! Oh boy. Singapore had been on my and my husband's radar for some time. I'll stick with that--or else I will think about this question for the rest of the afternoon....


...and she lives happily ever after...