Once Upon A Time...Anam Cre

Shevon's studio is a bustling community--artists, friends & fellow ceramicists offer their help as you enter, each one taking time to mentor you and make your throwing dreams a reality. There's zero intimidation as a first timer, regardless of your age, and it's no wonder kids love coming to class here--it's pure fun & encouragement. And Shevon herself has orchestrated it all--her nurturing, creative energy empowers the studio and is a most welcome addition to our little MoJo District in San Luis Obispo. Meet Shevon of AnamCre Pottery Studio, and try your chance at throwing something wonderful in one of her many classes offered...

What was your road to pottery, teaching it, and becoming the owner of Anam Cre?

I took a pottery class at Cuesta from Bob Nichols, then Hancock also from Full Moon Studio in Morro Bay. My daughters were attending Teach School at the time and the parents taught the electives. I taught the students pottery and after the class ended the parents wanted the children to continue. I offered some classes at the local Rec Department and continued my career in teaching by opening a studio in the Creamery. Now, 19 years later, we are in our new location on Monterey street.

What are you most proud of (specific items or aspect) at your shop?

I have students with challenges who come to see me. They may be physical or emotional. The clay is nurturing and I like to think our environment is also.

What are some your favorite things to do in SLO County? 

I like to spend time with my family, enjoy nature and have time with best friend and love Greg.

What's exciting on your horizon?

With the new space our studio is growing! We have added our Friday Raku firings for the public to take part in, our kids summer camps and workshops with guest potters!!

Free plane ticket to anywhere: where would you go?



...and she lives happily ever after...