Sunday with Ruby at the Rose Bowl

A question we get asked a lot is, "where do you get all your stuff?"

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is where we find a lot of our vintage clothing, leathers, boots, linens, etc. all in one swoop. The flea takes place in Pasadena on the second Sunday of every month.

rose bowl and spiedIMG_1467

When you enter The Bowl there are a few vendors that have new merch, but the main body of the flea is filled with antiques, vintage home goods, accessories, collectibles...basically everything imaginable. We usually head toward the back where there is mostly clothing, accessories, and mid-century inventory. It is a bit overwhelming at first as there is so much to see! We try to focus on one booth at a time and scope out our style and price.


Occasionally there are celebrity sightings; this week we spied Tori Spelling and Heidi Klum. This particular weekend there were a lot of film crews. It seems that junking is in fashion.

rose bowl and spied1

Ruby found this booth with designer shoes and she had to drag me away! I'm still thinking of those Jimmy's...

IMG_1447IMG_1448IMG_1473rose bowl and spied2

Pretty much whatever you had when you were younger and have now sold, or the things your parents never bought for you but you always wanted, is here at the Rose Bowl Flea for your bargaining.

rose bowl and spied3

Lately, we have been paring down at our house so it is more cohesive throughout...but when I saw the Janis Joplin poster, something came over me and I had to have it. Fifteen dollars later, it was mine! Now...where to put it???