The Alameda Six

Our favorite flea market was finally not rained out this month. It was a clear 70 degree day and three of us represented Ruby Rose. We were all excited. It took one of us about a half an hour to finally focus because it was so overwhelming. Another one of us took off from the crew because the others were moving too slow...and the last one of us kept it cool, although a little common sense slipped her head at one point. For us, this is perfect and normal.

1. This beautiful galvanized tub was our first purchase. There were seven to choose from and this was the lucky one that came home with us. When we went back to pick it up after we finished our rounds, it was sitting alone, all the others gone! Our seller mentioned to us that so many people had tried to buy it. Thank goodness we made up our minds right away!

2. Cake plates. These thick faceted plates are perfect for any table setting--or maybe to make a store bought cake look like a million bucks.

3. Hand-dyed lovelies! These slips are perfect for layering under and over. So current--amazing shades and details.

4. This oval frame with raised glass is amazing on its own, no picture required!

5. Needlepoint pillows are always in style. These large pillows have a mid-century feel.

6. Jenn captures the colors of these flawless beauties perfectly! Not only are these amazing blankets, they are also a work of art.
All images by Jennifer Young of I ART U