The Weekly Six!

1. This dress rocks! Perfect for the Coachella music festival or a stroll on the beach! We may need to interview the new owner of the dress to see that it will get the play it deserves...

2. Books, art supplies, linens, dishes, the options are endless. This vintage cabinet has the patina that would make Martha re-evaluate her greens. Priced at a remarkable $675. What's not to love?

3. Great little boudoir chair, the colors are amazing. If i could sneak this in past my husband, I would keep it. I think he would notice this baby though...

4. This vintage bamboo was love at first sight...reminds me of Hemingway or Out of Africa.

5. Concrete bench--great size and shape. I think many of dreams could be contemplated on this baby.

6. ART!
Images by Jennifer Young of I ART U.

We're open tomorrow from 10-2. See you then!