Yard Sale Rants and Raves

"Yard-saling" is a very important part of a junkers life...it's kind of like our Mondays. There is so much anticipation on what you will find. A new cd? Designer shoes that you wouldn't dare to pay full price? A new dining set? The assortment is endless! On this day, we met up at the shop and set out early.


It's important to pick up the necessities...
We know that our hosts of this first sale have been crazy because they are moving so we knew this would be appreciated.

Cambria is a beautiful town and is our destination. We love the far-away feel.

IMG_0889 IMG_0888
In the garage, everything was prepped beautifully--all arranged by like items and priced and fairly!

We pay, pack up, and we're done!

One of us is happy to go to grandmas. :)


At the shop we unpack, check out our lovelies and start to price out the load.
They all find a new home and are ready for show!

This outing was so fun--good friends, coffee by the beach, good finds and great weather. The thing to remember about "yard-saling" is that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get to the prince, right? Keep a positive attitude and carry on!