Laundry Day

As we talk to our customers, we find that that there are a handful of us that don't dread the laundry duty. Yep, you heard right. We have a few customers that have a mangle, lavender water, and little extras. Since I spend a lot of time in my laundry area, I have surrounded myself with lovelies and tools to make the chore easier. Before bringing in the clothes that have been accumulated, they are washed, usually hung dry and ironed. Here are a few snaps from the space you can find me in often...

I think of this as my laundry trophy.


This large trash can with air holes was found in texas and is perfect for the dirtys.


Salvaged lighting.


Love this California bear (a gift from kathy, love that girl).


This cart on wheels holds the goods that need ironing.


A little obsession with buttons--for any mending that we may need (OK, for me to take to Kim for mending).


Little pour bottles of water, for the iron, sprayer, etc.


I dont know where the love of tin toy houses came from, but this is a special one that reminds me of my dad.


After items are washed and ironed, they hang here until I can get them to the shop.


This little winnebego is just too cute--it keeps inspiring the road trips.


A little corner of the desk. Hmm, why didn't I take a pic of the whole desk? Messy!


Just hanging around drying...