Last weekend we went to the Rose Bowl to go a boot and shoe huntin'. We knew that going to this flea in August was not a great idea, since it is at the base of the foothills on solid blacktop with no shade. Seriously. The rose bowl has a handful of different sections--the back section is dedicated to mostly vintage clothing, accessories, and lots of mid century and this is where we primarily shop. We have found that it is important for us to have a specific list on what we are looking for because it can become overwhelming.

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 2.25.39 PMIMG_1706IMG_1720


We found some fantastic pairs and in some very requested sizes! These are all priced between $46 and $85 and are in sizes 8 to 91/2. We are working hard to find size 10's. They are hard to find but we have the word out, so maybe next month!!