I haven't looked at the Anthropologie catalog as an inspiration/coveting catalog for quite some time. I used to, and would also look forward to Tuesdays when they would put up new sale items on their website. Lately, the clothes seem to be tailored to tall and thin gals or over the top embellished. Much to my surprise, this months catalog put a skip in my step! The colors and styling is fantastic!

Loving the shots of wood, corrugated tin, brick and cloth--such great texture. The skirt pictured looks flattering with the band of white at the top. OK, and those boots!!! Santa, I've been good!
anthro catalog 2 & 3

Love the dress mixed with fall accessories, perfect with the season change.
The textiles look so similar to the gypsy rugs that we have in!
anthro 5

Oh my, oh my (times 5!)! Just when I thought I've seen the best, it gets better!!!

This is exactly how I look doing my laundry...
anthro 28

Oh my, once more!
anthro 29

Seriously, have you ever seen such vibrant and mixed use of color? Love!
anthro 31

Amazing embroidery on leather. I hope the sale price is half of half of a half!
anthro 34

These pictures and stylist have sent me to the moon!
anthro 42anthro 46 & 47

At Ruby Rose, we have always been a fan of linens. They play such an important part of putting a spin or detail to a room. We are committed to keeping a supply of linens year round--they are a perfect touch and change with each season. Looking forward to next months anthro catalog!