Remodel Episode #2 (Couch Intervention)

As I mentioned in Remodel Episode #1, for years we had been planning and dreaming of adding an attic suite and remodeling our very tiny kitchen. My job had consisted mostly of the dreaming part.

As for the downstairs living room, I had one tear sheet (a Ralph Lauren ad.--no suprise there) which was my vision and would be my inspiration.


While at an estate sale about a year ago, there was a lot of excitement over all the small and art and my eyes were having trouble landing. I reached for my mantra (focus focus) and as I was standing there looking around, I hear one of the sales gals say, "I'm suprised this couch hasnt sold yet" and gal # 2 says, "Probably because it's loaded with boxes and merchandise and no one has even seen it!". I watched them unload the debris and what unfolded before my eyes was a version of the couch in the picture from the RL tear sheet I saved. This particular couch was chocolate brown velvet as opposed to the amazing leather one--but I saw what I saw and loved it.


I was lucky that John has a building for his buisness that I was been able to store my finds at during the process of building the attic. At times, it seemed like it would never happen, but the time finally came to arrange my rooms. The living room had some good pieces and I thought when John recovered from the craziness of attic add-on, I would ask him to build the bookcases or contract them out. We set up the brown couch, two leather chairs that I brought back from Colorado, and a rustic dresser with the T.V. on it. It was nowhere being done at this point but it was becoming clear that it was not looking like the picture...nor did I look like the gal on the couch. I knew I could get it there, it would just take more time and patience.

In the mean time, Ruby, John and I avoided this area because it just wasn't done. We were eating dinner one night and it was very enjoyable until Ruby said, "Mom, we need to talk." (I knew this couldn't be good). "We hate the couch." she said very cool, "It's so uncomfortable--the pillows slide and you have to sit up straight.". I look at john for a rope to help me, and he says "We hate it." (thanks for the help).

Our house is very, very small, so this room is really the main hub for our family and friends--for T.V. watching, Wii, and the you see, it really needs to work for everyone. Ruby and John continued, "We like the one you took upstairs.". Well, we know that bringing it back down wasn't going to happen--you may remember what we had to do to bring it up (see Episode #1). After dinner, I had to digest what they were saying. Hmmm, everything that they were saying was valid, I did have my comfy couch upstairs, and they were left with an unfinished, uncomfortable room. At this point, I realized my "Ralph room" wasnt meant to be for now. Who wants a room that only you can enjoy? I surrendered to re-group and go to plan B. I did get to keep the leather pair of chairs and the dresser, but everything else changed. I will show you the finished product in episode #3.