The Weekly Six

This week's six items were all found from our recent 17-hour road trip. The funny part is that we were only two hours away! Yes, we are proud of the fact that we can "shop til' we drop", or for the most part, "shop til' they kick us out"!

1. For this surf cowboy look, we bought a pair of these mid century end tables and this lamp with a great combo of colors on the ukelele. Love the whip stitch shade with it.

2. Don't feel blue, flow blue! Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have a beautiful "hotel silver" platter + cover to house your turkey. It won't matter if it's overcooked 'cause it will look so pretty!

3. Continuing our love of the mexican cowboy, we have more art and textiles.

4. It was love at first sight! A hand-painted card table that adjusts to two heights, and metal legs to boot!

5. An SJP pleated blush dress, topped with an ABS tuxedo jacket. This jacket is a savvy alternative for the holiday season!

6. Jewels, a girls second best friend! We have been wanting to develop this category for some time, and we are off to a stunning start.