Our Post On Emily, Not Exactly Emily Post

We are constantly in awe of our customers/friends styles and talents. One of our favorites is miss Emily--she is not only a customer and the best dang barista, but has been part of our Ruby Rose family.

Em and her family have a love of music, art, and vintage, and we were able to score some photos of inside her cool world (lots of lovelies which she has adopted from The Rose).

novdec2011 122
novdec2011 129
These curtains are beautiful! A perfect fit!

novdec2011 124novdec2011 126
novdec2011 127
Love the Jetson-style lamp...and the grooovy ball and chain.

novdec2011 131
I am wondering if these CD's are alphabetized or categorized??

jan2012 016
What can I trade for that headboard??!!! (Pretty lighting on the end tables from The Rose)

When I first met Emily at the shop, she was looking for frames. She mentioned that she had asked a handful of friends to paint her pictures of robots and that these would hang in her bathroom. I must admit, I couldn't picture it, but now that I see them, I think "Of course, robots!".

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We followed up the house tour with an interview...!

Ruby Rose: Thank you for the peek inside your living space, Emily! Can I ask you a few questions?
Emily: But of course.

RR: Can you remember the first album/CD that you bought?
EM: My first cassette tape that I purchased with my own money was Green Day.

RR: Who are you listening to these days?
EM: I love being recommended new things. I keep the Black Keys, Sharon Jones, The Dap Kings, Avett Brothers, and Adele on a regular rotation.

RR: What are you inspired by? What fills you up?
EM: Laughter, passionated music with big highs and deep lows. The love I have for my daughter, Lily. Art, new and old.

RR: A perfect day off is...
EM: Sally Loo's coffee. My lovely friends faces. A rainy day antique shopping in Cambria. Music, music, music. A good movie before bed.

RR: Your favorite indulgence is...
EM: Anything Sally Loo's creates fills my belly with joy. Singing and dancing in the company of my work companions.

RR: Do you have any parting words?
EM: Collect quotes. You never know when you're going to need one.

Thank you for your time and for inspiring us, Emily!