Skipping Into Spring


Two years old! This little shop of our has grown up. I can still remember driving by, with no intentions of starting a new venture, and spying a "for lease" sign in the window. The planter filled with weeds, a frayed awning, and the exterior painted a color of brown that shouldn't be sold. With all the hurdles that it would take, the flaws that would need attention, I couldn't shake the beauty and charm that could be. I imagined the lovelies inside and all the special visitors that would gather and create and inspire.


From this point on is when I stopped using the word 'I' and moved on to the 'we'. Friends and family jumped in with paintbrushes, soil, burlap, laughter! There is the saying 'it takes a village'--and this is so true. This shop has become all of us--workers, vendors, customers, visitors.


A special friend just had a Sound of Music birthday party and the songs have been swirling around the store, "The Hills are Alive", "Pretty White Dresses", "Brown Paper" etc, etc etc. This is what the store is singing too! We are alive with greens and all of our pretties, and of course, a song and dance.