Please don't hate me. Believe me, it's not a popular thing to say, but I do not love fall like most people do. This week, I went on a quest to try to fall in like with the season. I posed the question to a handful of people I encountered one day to find some positives and see what they loved about fall. I asked,  "Can you tell me of a favorite fall memory or tradition that you have?". Here are a few of the responses I received:

Lauren: My family has a cabin at Shaver Lake and we would go horseback riding by the lake and family walks when the leaves turned.

Kyle:  We would get trash bags in the shape of pumpkins and fill them with leaves. When we were done we would dump and play in them!

Kendra: Picking apples and going home to make applesauce! Yum.

Judy:  We started going to Big Sur as a family. One year my daugter brought a frozen turkey and frozen water bottles and we played Turkey Bowling! We play it every year!

Stephanie (not me): My favorite memories are simple--going out to pick out our pumpkins, corn stalks, and gourds!

Cool customer:  We have a cabin in the Adirondaks and would go there when the leaves turn. It's small and cozy and perfect!

Well, thank you all! I am going to try to give Fall another look this year. Two things are already making me like the season a bit more...

The special delivery of this beauty by our friend Carol!


And these babies...freshly roasted pumpkin pancakes from Sally Loo's!

photo by Jennifer Young
Image by Jennifer Young

Thanks friends!