Collections: Tea Traps

Mesh infusers are great for teas with very small leaves-japanese greens, rooibos, some black teas-they keep the strays locked up safe!
One great accessory can add just the needed zest to your closet needs. They can also add a lot of joy to anything you like to do: reading with just the right pillow, a great lamp in your camping gear, a sentimental ornament hanging from your rearview mirror, or a handy basket on your bicycle. And when it comes to tea, just the right infuser for your loose leaves.

I have over twenty.

Hello everybody, my name is Betsi Clark- I work with Kendra Aronson doing behind-the-scenes biz work. Collecting is also in my nature, I can't help myself! I am a tea enthusiast and tea trap collector. My grandma fueled this particular collection when she handed down a tin-full of vintage tea infusers to me a few years ago.

These long-handled traps are great for stirring, & work great for tea you like to add honey, milk and/or sugar to. Save a spoon, use a tea trap.

When a friend recently visited our home, we pulled out an infuser to make her tea. She had never seen anything like it and excitedly exclaimed, "Well that's a fancy tea trap!" What a perfect name for them! If I feel like drinking my tea with my pinky out and practicing my British accent, I will continue to refer to them as 'infusers'. But for every other tea-related moment in my life, I will forever be referring to them as 'tea traps'.

I have been drinking tea on the daily since I can remember (five years old? four??). When I discovered loose leaf tea somewhere along the way, my tea drinking took on a life of its own. There are so many ways to brew a cup of tea (just as there is for coffee)-full of ceremony and tradition-and I am on an eternal quest to find the best methods and teas to accompany them.

Each of these sweet infusers has their own saucer to accompany them! No need for you and your tea-drinking buddy to drip through the house once your tea is done steeping.
These ones remind me of acorns! Their caps screw on, ensuring the tea stays safe inside. So you don't burn your fingers fishing for the trap when its ready, hook them on the side of your tea cup before you pour the water!
There are loads of different tea infusers available nowadays, but I have my eye on one in particular to join the others in my tin. I also have a couple of bag presses and a quiver of strainers-here are ones my favorites pictured below.

I love hearing people's personal way of making tea, the many ceremonies surrounding this delectable beverage, and discovering new ways, too! If you have a tea I must try, pretty please leave a comment with any and all recommendations!