Hello! My name is Taylor Kitto, I have a online vintage shop and also help out with the Ruby Rose Etsy shop. I've been working with Stephanie pretty much since the shop opened and I have always been inspired by her vintage trailers and Airstreams. I love tent camping, but the idea of "glamping" has always appealed to me (mostly because I like having good food, a soft bed, and a pretty space!)

My dream finally became a reality a few weeks ago - I purchased a vintage travel trailer! It took a lot of elbow grease, time, and patience but I am finally done with her and I couldn't be happier. Overall the trailer was in decent condition but was in need of some TLC. Water damage on one panel, chipped and distressed wood, and window problems were the biggest issues, which isn't too bad.

At first, I couldn't even imagine sleeping in the bed area; filled with grime, spiders and other creepy crawlies. It's amazing what some deep cleaning and fresh paint can do to a place!



This weekend we packed her up for her first trip out and just like I imagined, it was like heaven! It's tight and cozy in there with a big ole' husky, a lil mutt, Philip, and I but we love it nonetheless (as you can see in this next photo, Rory claimed her spot) and honestly, I don't need much space (I live in teeny tiny studio and actually prefer small spaces!)

A new table (made by myself and my guy), fresh coat of paint, subway tile back splash, aluminum paint over the pink formica laminate counter, turkish towels for curtains, and new cushions really made this little trailer come to life. I would love the get some more color in there, perhaps some more Kilim pillows, so I'm just going to have to keep checking Ruby Rose to find some! ;)