Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag: Stephanie

Finally, the bag was mine! It was my turn!!
Oh, where will we go? And what will we do?!

Maybe a margarita and chips will help make up our minds… 

A few days go on and I am still not sure what our story will be, I take a time out from thinkin' and head to the drive-in with friends and treats and blankets. Such a fun event and it never gets old! 

Still wondering what the purse’s adventures hold, Ruby and I take a weekend and head to Los Angeles for a Jenny Lewis concert. We have followed Jenny Lewis for years—so when we discovered her playing at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, Ruby treated me to a ticket and off we went.

Conveniently the Rose Bowl Flea Market was the next morning, so we were off for a day of boot and clothes shopping—when in Rome as they say. It got so hot and we were super hungry, so we jetted over to our favorite Cuban restaurant and had a cupcake for dessert. The purse is definitely getting the hang of this eating and playing business!
Since we were in town, and it was the last day of the play, Once, at the Pantages Theater, off the purse went (we had to take the purse). 

Then back home to take care of business. The purse and I headed out to a few appointments: a dentist appointment (that makes me crazy nervous!) and the best appointment of all. I accompanied one of my besties to a follow up appointment from surgery and was told she is 'cancer free'!!  Best news ever!!!

The next few weeks host a huge event for Ruby and I, she goes off to college! HUGE! Ruby and I have been pretty much Loreli and Rory from Gilmore Girls—late night talks, coffee, road trips, on and on and on. We both feel ready, although we could use a hand, so Kim accompanied us to on the move. She has been through this already and we both were so grateful she came! We arrived at her dorm, and transformed her area.

The next weekend, the Mister and I go for official drop off weekend of festivities and goodbyes. We all have talked about college for years, especially this past year (it’s been nothing but college talk)! We are so ready, having rehearsed all the goodbyes, so we parted surprisingly without tears. This is where she should be and Ruby is so ready.

What comes to mind is the saying “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.” I didnt know what adventures this bag would have and amidst all my wondering, it was off having a great life alongside me!