Way Out West: Paso Robles

In this blog series we highlight the great things to see and do Way Out West. You don't need to step far from our coast to discover great adventures-make it a day or a weekend, grab your sunhat and go...
Summer is setting, but we are far from finished with our traveling. This time, we took an afternoon up to Paso Robles--the Central Coast's renowned wine region. Though there are hundreds of wineries, we wanted to spend some time strolling around downtown. If you find yourself needing a bit of inspiration not too far from home, we highly recommend a day in Paso. Centered around a tree-full park, shops and restaurants are all within a leisurely walking distance. 

Firefly: a longtime favorite shop in Paso, this store has a little bit of everything: clothing, jewelry, handmade furniture, cookbooks & more
Paso General Store: a gift/novelty shop in which the one for you, one for me buying technique works flawlessly
Sole Tree: love Anthropologie's shoes? This store carries many of the same brands!
Ambiance: even with the flagship only 30 minutes south, they capture their own unique style &, well, ambiance

Paso Robles Inn & Steakhouse: boutique hotel with lovely grounds, round coffeehouse & award winning steakhouse
Inn Paradiso: another boutique hotel rustically only minutes from the downtown square

Artisan: delicious & fancy; their brunch is amazing
Thomas Hill Organics: the best of farm to table!
Brown Butter Cookie Company: Once only in Cayucos, you can get now get these delectables a little inland!
Vivant Fine Cheese: cheese tasting, need we say more