Weekly Six: Thanksgiving Edition

It's time for hosting and being hosted--a time for giving lots of thanks for the bounties before us! For our Weekly Six today, we set our own table and picked our favorite things to put the mostest in your hostest. So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Oh, for the love of condiments: cranberries, olives, butters, chutneys, roasted pepitas, veggies and more! This is one platter you won't have to pass, for it's got lazy susan bearings. Give it a spin, and let the turkey settle in.

2: What do you think the Pilgrims and Indians used to eat their first Thanksgiving feast with? We're thinking outside the napkin for unique place setting ware--music sheets and vintage flower book pages really spruce up the place settings--and twigs as silverware!

3: This is a holiday for loose fitting jeans and dresses, and comfortable cushions for hours of dining. This pair of plush black chairs are sleek, soft, and easy to clean (kid table friendly)! Bring something to the table that will keep your guests gathered for hours.

4: Nap time! As the tryptophan sets in, lay back into a rich, deep velvet chair. Pull up a side table with some tea and pie, and let your turkey coma take hold, you can do the dishes tomorrow.

5: Lots of family and not enough glassware? With a whole day of feasting, one can never have too many glasses. From water to wine to beer to coffee, we have extras of whatever you need! And they're ones that leave a good impression on your guests--gold details and etched in floral prints. 

6: What's a harvest feast without platters to pass? Silver classes up the table, makes for a beautiful backdrop for yams and potatoes, and holds gravy best! Pick up the right size and shape for your famous Thanksgiving dish and really wow the folks!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving for our crew to yours--we are so thankful for you. What do you find yourself most thankful for today?