Weekly Six: 5.6

This edition of Weekly Six is dedicated to moms everywhere--from great finds for your mother to gifts for the mother in you, celebrate this Sunday with a little something from the Rose. Without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Let nature be her muse, and let this vintage blonde painting remind you what a great day off looks like. Everyone has a song in their heart, and if you get outside it just may come out. For the flower child mama who still gives peace a chance.

2: A great gift that keeps on giving--glass after glass. Make your mom that special Sunday brunch, with a little oj wrapped inside these feminine, etched glasses. For the foodie mom who's cooked you too many tasty meals to count.

3: Is it time to say you're sari for forgetting about last year's Mother's Day? Make up for it with something truly beautiful--one of these light and airy saris. They can be a scarf, hung as a backdrop wallhanging, simply laid around for some added color. For the cultured mama with an eye for style. 

4: This mom doesn't leave the house with a hair out of place. Show her how much you admire her style and togetherness with this pair of dangly earrings. For the mama who enjoys dining, shopping and dressing up.

5: A vintage Hungarian basket as unique as its shape--and as your mom. What will she hold inside? Is she a painter? A reader? A picnicker? A seamstress? For the mother who has hobby as her middle name, and who's always crafting something up.

6: Send mom out of town, she deserves a break! Gift her the gift of a weekend all for herself with this tooled leather duffel and matching purse. Where would she go? For the mom who loves the wind at her back and sun on her face.