Weekly Six: Back to School Edition

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Flowers, reptiles, or fishes? These sweet books will keep your brain prepped and interest peaked discovering more about nature.

2: You may have to use your classroom beakers for chemicals and reactions, but at home you can experiment with all sorts of uses for them. Here are some of our hypotheses: a flower vase, decanter, or a terrarium? 

3: Have a seat! Everyone needs a thinking chair, and this one will keep you comfy and full of good thoughts.

4: Bring some vintage flare to your first days of school--California jeans, they're undeniable.

5: New year, go something new. Maybe try out for the swim team! Make quite a splash poolside with this floral swim cap.

6: Is your lunch packed up? Your boots tied tight? Make your morning less complicated with these Cole Hann zippered black booties. Hope you're a size 7...