Collaborating Locals: Lisa Leonard

It is February, love is in the air, and Cupid is beginning his rounds...

We love sharing our lovelies for photo shoots, and Lisa Leonard Designs is a favorite local biz of ours. They borrowed a few bits of lace along with a pink embroidered tapestry for their Valentine's collection photo shoot...and made a romantic teepee! Check out their DIY post on how to make one for yourself, and also take a gander at their Valentine's collection to give to a loved one or treat yourself.

Remember, if you are a photographer or local biz, you can always contact us to rent props, etc for your photo shoots. Drop in or give us call!

Before & Afters: the airstream

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”

The thought of traveling in an Airstream is so....romantic.
With the people you love, the friends you make along the way....

but have you ever seen the inside of 1975 Airstream bathroom??
Not so romantic-not even close! The yellowish gold, plasticky surroundings?? An odor that grew stronger as the years wore on from old plumbing??

We knew the time had come to update the bathroom, I had pitched the idea of a clawfoot tub to the mister-just planted the seed.  This is how we usually do the remodel dance: I pitch, sometimes they catch.  'Too heavy' he says, ' They come in acrylic' I say.
A few days later the mister says, "Let's do it," and the production begins...


Once again, a bit of the material was recycled, some new, and some traded. The mister built in a cabinet around the pipes, and around the sink, to match the lower walls. A bit of Carrera marble left from our kitchen and maps from an atlas we found at a yard sale years before all found a place.  My personal fave is the mirror above the sink, it was probably the first 'vintage' piece I ever bought back in the 80's! 

(while photographing, Betsi couldn't resist a dip!)

We are all done with our Before and Afters...the road calls! If you have any of your own, please share!

Before & Afters: Kitchen & Living Room

The past few years have been a series of 'befores': kitchen, dining, flooring, upstairs attic room and then the Airstream bathroom...


Call it a can of worms, a series of fortunate events, a big ol' mess...


The house is dated 1928 and was about 945 square feet-tiny, but it worked for years. The dining room was maybe six feet by eight feet: tiny. The kitchen was still original and was made for very petite people.
We took the wall out between the dining room and kitchen, re-worked a little here and a bit there until we got a much more functional space.

For a while we were able to set up a temporary space to use,while work was happening all around us.

Open shelving or cabinets? A bit of both! After laboring over which brackets to use for shelving-some were too ornate, some too small-the mister decided to custom make floating shelves. This created a more clean look, with so much else going on.Oh this ol' fridge! We loved this little guy. Though we hated to see it go, luckily a great young couple down the street adopted it!For a while, we moved the kitchen into the living room.
Ta Da!! We made it to After!!

We have cupboards and drawers on the left dedicated to baking, flowers, and tea making. To the right is the misters department 'the command center'. It's wonderful!

We were able to keep costs down with a bit of craigslisting, the mister trading service for product, and by saving for what we absolutely wanted: reclaimed flooring and the doors and windows. 

One of the items the mister wanted was the Sub-Zero fridge. There was one on Ebay and when he saw that it hadn't sold, he contacted the seller and made an offer: it was accepted! It had been used as a second fridge and only for drinks, otherwise brand new for a quarter of the price! Lucky us.

Last step, my dream item: reclaimed barnwood floors. The mister was willing to go along as long as we could find a company to tongue and groove them.  We did, making us both happy!


And again, TA DA!!
We moved a small round table into the living room for sometimes dining, sometimes puzzles-although, when friends come over, we tend to bring a bunch of stools around the kitchen island. Before the remodel, the front room was much more floral, when I brought the Satillo serape we threw on the back of the couch, the vibrant flea market art naturally followed. Now, we can easily change out linens and art when we want a new feel, and keep the base pieces!

With the new year, we plan on enjoying more impromptu meals, gatherings, and most of all, glamping and camping!