At The Rose Bowl...

We all happened to be in L.A. the other weekend, and after a bit of texting, turns out we were all headed for the Rose Bowl. Hilary, Kathy and I arrived there around 9:30 (that's the latest I have ever started)! Somehow, I fell asleep in the Starbucks parking lot and lost out on some valuable shopping time.


Once in, the first thing we saw was a filming crew and so we thought we'd check out what they were filming. Turns out it was a segment on a new show with Ty Pennington. As I went to talk to Kathy, she was right up in the filming and was trying to outbid Ty on an item. Yep, that is the back of her checking out the inventory as Ty was trying to keep up.


The booth they were filming at belonged to one of our friends, Chris--he sells wonderful items from overseas.


After the hullabaloo all left (why does it take 15 people to shoot such a small segment?!), Chris noticed that his t-shirt was inside out (that's why he's our friend)! Never a dull moment at the flea!