Way Out West: Bisbee, AZ

The call of the road and six days off...

Bisbee, Arizona was one of our destinations. We were looking for some R&R and beautiful scenery. Bisbee is a scenic old mining town near the Mexico border. When the mine closed in the 70's, the artsy hippie eclectic population came in to take advantage of the old buildings and tucked away feel of this mountain/desert town. Everywhere you look and walk there are stairways and walkways and art! Here are just small examples of what is to be discovered throughout:

Journal: High Noon in AZ

My Love Affair with the West
For a few days,  
I get to rub elbows with the cowboys, 
talk with the traders,
and consume things from days past, 
when the West was a bit younger...

The High Noon Western Americana show
The people that come here range anywhere from the high rollers to industry folks to designers and back to average folk, who like to play make-believe for just a few hours. They come dressed to the nines in period costume, western wear or classic jeans and tennies.
Some of our favorites are Barry Friedmans-Indian trade blankets, Mark Winters-historic trading post rugs, amazing jewelry, boots, leathers and baskets...
I could talk forever about these peoples' passions and what I learned. I won't at this time, just ask me sometime when you have a few, I'd love to share!