The Weekly Six: under $20

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six picks. We are constantly updating our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! This week we present you with quick pick up items, all under 20 buckaroos...a deal for these delectables:

1: Punch anyone? Time to impress your friends & family with this green & gold glass set. No BBQ is complete without a stylish cup in at least seven peoples' hands.

2: Take it with you! Lunch, that is. Turn a mundane lunch break from work into a festive picnic filled with vitamin D. Fits snacks, drinks, cheeses, crackers, pb&j's, fresh fruits and veggie sticks, all wrapped up in that block print tea towel that is just too pretty for drying dishes.

3: Bejeweled. Bling. Flair. Whatever word you choose, these sandals have it. A neutral ivory backdrop makes all those colors pop, and go with almost anything. Have weddings to attend all summer and need a pair that pairs with every dress in your closet? Look no further.

4: Bring a bit of nostalgia back into your life with vintage paint by number artwork. Small enough for a work desk but big enough to evoke memories of secluded beaches and childhood crafts.

5: When we laid eyes on this print, we just couldn't pass it by. More subtle than a painted unicorn, but bolder than a busy forest scene, with this on your wall you'd never tire of staring at it. A precise stippling rendition of horse and butterfly: neighhhh!

6: Crimson red and royal blue not your colors? Go a little more muted while still sporting your patriotism this Friday, wearing this sweeter than pie lacey floral blouse. It looks especially great against picnic basket and juice glass accessories (refer to #1 & #2 above).