Customer Spotlight: Makers & Allies

We often see interior designers pop in and out of our store looking for unique items to add to their current project. It was a treat to see Sarah and her crew from Makers & Allies hand picking pieces for the latest restaurant in San Luis Obispo, Foremost Wine Co. Makers & Allies is a design and branding studio producing exclusively for the wine, craft and spirits industry (take a gander at their newly launched website, it's a dream) Today, Sarah shares about how she is inspired by Ruby Rose...

all post photos by Mark Gvazdinskas of Silent Photography

Makers & Allies was inspired by Ruby Rose while putting the finishing touches on the interior at Foremost Wine Co. We chose pieces that enhanced the raw, earthy quality of the space, while also incorporating accents that gave a pop of color or ornate detail. We used two green chairs in the lounge which added a funky pop of color and didn't break our budget so we could spend a little more on the larger custom built pieces. The mirrors in the wine bar were a great addition to create an intimate space over each bar table, and also add an ornate detail to the rugged space. It was important for us to balance the masculine with the feminine in the space so it appeals to both sexes.

Once all the furniture was in place we were able to find some great shelf and table decor pieces from Ruby Rose... like that metal tray on the coffee table with the antler and John James Audubon books. The owner has a winery, Tooth & Nail Winery in Paso Robles, and their wine labels include a lot of Audubon animals, so it was very fitting to incorporate those with a small antler to tie in to the Foremost brand. We used a metal box to hold a lot of the business cards and print materials on the hostess stand. Even picked up a succulent with a small plastic stag for fun. Everything we chose from Ruby Rose has a purpose (and probably had a different purpose in a past life). All those little details add character, spark a conversation and enhance the Foremost brand and environment.