Before & Afters: the airstream

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”

The thought of traveling in an Airstream is so....romantic.
With the people you love, the friends you make along the way....

but have you ever seen the inside of 1975 Airstream bathroom??
Not so romantic-not even close! The yellowish gold, plasticky surroundings?? An odor that grew stronger as the years wore on from old plumbing??

We knew the time had come to update the bathroom, I had pitched the idea of a clawfoot tub to the mister-just planted the seed.  This is how we usually do the remodel dance: I pitch, sometimes they catch.  'Too heavy' he says, ' They come in acrylic' I say.
A few days later the mister says, "Let's do it," and the production begins...


Once again, a bit of the material was recycled, some new, and some traded. The mister built in a cabinet around the pipes, and around the sink, to match the lower walls. A bit of Carrera marble left from our kitchen and maps from an atlas we found at a yard sale years before all found a place.  My personal fave is the mirror above the sink, it was probably the first 'vintage' piece I ever bought back in the 80's! 

(while photographing, Betsi couldn't resist a dip!)

We are all done with our Before and Afters...the road calls! If you have any of your own, please share!

Glamping (glamour +camping)

It seems like "glamping" has been a term used for some time. We love it! We feel like one of the qualities of a junker is a seeker of an experience. We don't want it laid out for us--we have a vision for what we seek and find it.


We've had vintage trailers for around ten years now and we're always stopped by lovely people who want to tell us a story of their experience, share a laugh, or ask soo many questions. We certainly don't mind the questions, and although many people think it's about decorating, there is definitely more to it than decorating. 

Amazon just delivered the BEST book on the subject, which will now be the first suggestion we make to anyone who wants info!

Glamping with MaryJane by MaryJane Butters


We are fans of MaryJane. She lives the life of an adventurer, outdoors-woman, and creator of beauty. This book addresses just about anything from restoration, to safety, to eats, to gear, to... oh its endless!


Also, MaryJane has deemed next June 1 & 2 the international glamping weekend (which also happens to be the next Remnants of the Past show, hows about that!). We'll talk more about this here for the glamping weekend info.

Here's a few family photos from some of our glamping, our glamping sales...


...and one so not glamping trip.


Glamping Part II

Camping? Glamping? Call it what you want, just do it!


We have been camping for years and love it for so many reasons. Keep reading to see why...

1. It is the only time that relaxation becomes a priority. Reading is at the top of the list.1123

2. The meals are amazing. We have the best camp cooks!

3. To see the kids do anything but watching videos, texting, computering is amazing!

4. There are so many ways to make memories.

5. And last but definitely not least, the sunsets.