We discovered some vintage Instagrams this last week--and this feed is helping inspire our weekend plans. If you are wondering what to do around San Luis Obispo, take a few suggestions from the these adventurers...
Grub on some fruits, veggies and tri tip at a Farmers' Markets--don't forget to get a big cone of popcorn for a possible movie night?

OR take a hike up Bishop's Peak for a new perspective on our town, or stroll with the pup around the Johnson Ranch trail.

OR get to work on your urban farm. The spring chicks are in at Farm Supply, and who doesn't love waking up to fresh eggs right outside your door?? 

Maybe head to the pool and get a good base started for Summer while the kids splash around; practice your selfies and impromptu photo shoots with the girls; OR just hang out and relax.

What does your weekend hold?

I Spy...

...something from Ruby Rose!

Every day people drop into our store looking to enhance their space and/or style: students, shop owners, professionals, creatives, travelers and locals alike. Then when we are around town, we spy many of our pieces being utilized in so many different ways! One of the perks of this biz is discovering how our customers use their purchases-whether at home, in your business, or on the street. Some share with us their photos, like these posts from inspiring customers displaying their wares:

And keep an eye out for some of our items now strategically placed about local businesses--like the old refrigerator box from our Weekly Six post, now at Scout Coffee; a metal bussing cart now at Sally Loo's, or porch lights spied at Sidecar.

So today we want to know: what do you with and how do you wear your Ruby Rose purchases? Upload to Instagram, tag us (@rubyrose805) & include #ispyrubyrose, or comment below telling us what you've done!

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