New Series: People Who Inspire.

One Lucky Day

One of the pleasures here at Ruby Rose is learning about the talents of our customers/friends. We're so inspired that we thought we'd share the people that we've been fortunate to meet and build relationships with. The first "People Who Inspire" feature is none other than the amazing Paula Cheney from One Lucky Day (aka 2gypsygirls). Paula is part of a design team called 7gypsies and she runs One Lucky Day with her partner Deb. Paula often comes into the shop and we find her choosing random and fun pieces--some small, some large, some shiny, some worn. What is she up to?

village kit
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Her and her team’s ideas are endless. They teach classes and crafting workshops all over the country (as well as other countries around the world!) that are in high demand and sell out quickly.

We thought it'd be fun to ask the people that inspire us a few questions--a mini-view of sorts. So, here is our first go. Enjoy!

Ruby Rose: How long have you worked in this creative world and what got you started?
Paula: I started working for a scrapbook company called 7gypsies in 2005 doing "of the page" projects for the trade show booth. That opportunity came about through someone I met at a girls getaway I attended with my sister. I made a gift for the host, Debbie, using a manila portfolio I bought at Staples filled with all kinds of vintage items. About a week after the event she called me on the phone and asked me if I would be willing to create a couple projects (including one that used the same portfolio I had given her) for the company she worked for, 7gypsies. I said yes and the rest is history. We work together almost every day by phone and travel together to teach. She is the other half of 2gypsygirls. Oh, and by the way, that first project is still my very favorite I have ever created.”

Ruby Rose: Advice to anyone wanting to break into this industry?
Paula: Start creating...find out what speaks to you. Then start submitting work to companies when they call for requests. There are many design teams out there but you usually have to have a portfolio of work to get noticed. ...And if you are going to submit work to a company, create something using their product not someone else's.

Ruby Rose: What inspires you?
Paula: I love mixing old and modern…so I can find inspiration at junk shops or online from blogs like Decor8…colors and patterns in magazines, on fabric, in stores...all of it has a place you just have to learn to edit, edit, edit.

Ruby Rose
: What would we be surprised to find out about you?
Paula: I collect bright colored yard sprinklers.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your world with us Paula!