Pop Up: Shop for a Cause

Our fellow biz owner and friend is hosting her first ever pop up shop next weekend, and it's going to be a good one--in oh so many ways. Always wanting to plan an event for community outreach and sale purposes, Courtney now has the opportunity to host her first pop-up shop event. Cash in the Closet started as a small online boutique specializing in hard-to-find clothing and accessories, and since its launch in 2004 has now become one of the leading fashion consignment and online retail boutiques on California’s central coast. Keeping in mind current trends, Cash in the Closet's owner, Courtney, specializes in designer apparel, accessories, and collections that suit every style. 

This pop-up shop will be a three day event located at 2146 Parker Street, SLO: May 29Friday will be an exclusive VIP 'Sneak N' Peak 5-8pm, then open to everyone Saturday, May 3010-4pm and Sunday, May 31, 12-4pm as an all-out public sale.

The purpose of this event is not only to provide designer clothes at a discounted rate to the customers but to also shop for a cause. Twenty percent of all profits will go towards the non-profit organization, Jack's Helping Hand. This local nonprofit's goal is to financially, mentally and physically help children and their families overcome the stress when one is diagnosed with cancer, has a disability or is severely ill. Courtney wanted to make sure that this event's benefits extend beyond the customers and her boutique. By sharing a portion of proceeds, she--and her customers--know they contributed toward their community and the well-being of others while still shopping for their favorite designer clothes. 

Not only is this event extending to locals shoppers and nonprofit, it is also reaching to the students. As a graduating Communication Studies major at Cal Poly, Samantha Brisbon's career goal is to be an event coordinator/planner. After meeting Courtney, she allowed Samantha to be her event coordinator for this pop up as part of her senior project. This opportunity has not only put her Communication skills to the test but has shown her what she can accomplish, given her new experiences and revealed the many things still to learn in a professional career. The coordinating process has been a phenomenal experience already in contributing to the  success of this event.

We hope to see you there!

Mother's Day Pop-Up: Clover & Branch

We are hosting a very special pop-up shop for Mother's Day! From 11-4p, the incredibly talented Carrie Skelton ofClover & Branchwill be at Ruby Rose on Sunday, May 10th, stocked with lovely wrapped bouquets and the sweetest tin vases overflowing with beautiful blooms. Drop by for a burst of sweet aromas, a little sunshine, and gather a beautiful bouquet for your mama (and maybe one for yourself).

Pop Up at the Rose this Saturday!

This Saturday, December 6th, we are doubling our vintage stock here at the shop--by hosting our friend Jennifer Randall!

She'll be at the store from 11-5p with her handpainted vintage trailer, RetroSLO. It will be vintage on the cheap, with nothing over five dollars. Here's a bit from Jennifer on her story into selling:

I have been a lover of vintage items since I was a kid. I remember going to a certain antique store, Kay Luke's, with my parents quite often as I was growing up. I always got one treasure each time I went. Once it was a breadbox, or a small glass animal, or a pair of gloves, and so on. I still have each of these items today.  Sifting through the lovely and often forgotten items was so much fun. Each one had a story to discover.
Within the last few years I purchased two women's entire lifetime collections of clothing and accessories. 
They couldn't handle the storage or selling of the clothing, due to time, health and finances. I receive such joy by going through the endless boxes of dresses, lingerie, leather coats and hats and on and on! With each purchase, I felt I was doing something positive for these women by re-homing their hundreds of boxes of items. I look forward to others finding their treasure pieces, something fun, whimsical or downright gorgeous. I try to keep things super affordable, get the items out into the world and being enjoyed!

Check out her Etsy store (link above) for a preview, then come on down and see her haul!