Guest Post by Stacy: It Is What It Isn't.

There is an old (bad) joke or maybe it's a movie line. Anyways, it goes like this: The man asks the call girl, "What's your name?" and she asks replies with a question..."What do you want it to be?".

Junk is kind of like that. Just because a piece was something or served a certain purpose, it doesn’t mean it cannot be something else.


Recently The Weekly Six featured the stack o' luggage at Ruby Rose. They are some gorgeous pieces. People have been stacking them for night stands and coffee tables. I have two under my tv table to hold the DVD player--and they are great for storage too.


I inherited a collection of teapots from a family friend and a love of tea time from my Mom. I like to mix it up and use some of my glass laboratory beakers to serve cream and sugar. They are also great for condiments at a picnic.


Last year at about this time Hillary made succulent gardens. I still have mine, which was made in an old baking tin. I have a collection of baking and kitchen things and love that this was rescued from the trash and repurposed. It loves the light on my kitchen table.


I love the lettering on this galvanized bucket. I didn’t have a use for it but it was a deal (duh, I bought it at Ruby Rose) and it came home with me. I tried putting it in several places before I decided it needed to be the trash can by my desk. I don’t know what it was originally, but I really like it here.

tater n tot

After my last living room re-decoration I realized that I didn’t have a place to put my keys. If I don’t walk in the door and put them in their place they can be missing for days. I was searching for a little table or something when I came across this vintage bird bath at Alameda. I knew instantly that is was what I needed. It's a great addition to the room and so much more fun than a side table.

Be creative. If you love a piece, don’t worry what it was or what it is supposed to be. Embrace it and find a way to make it work for you!

It would be great if we could come to all of your homes and see what you do with your Ruby Rose finds! What is your favorite repurposed piece? What comments/compliments have you received on your creativity?