Playground Rules

Remember recess? Yard duties? Not getting them involved meant every kid had to play by the rules: no take backs, no do overs, over unders, etc. Whether it was tether ball or handball, each player at recess understood success on the playground meant abiding by the overarching rules, and using them to win the game and maintain peace among your peers. And now, in adulthood, we have applied these rules to life. They’re principles to live by, and they matured right alongside us, too—we now refer to them by their ‘adult’ name, etiquette. They allow us to walk into new situations and make friends instead of enemies, and win favor with our peers. It’s how we win at the game of life, whether it be at work, at a restaurant, or at home.

Sometimes rules, posted at many establishments, just feel so formal, so cold. Oftentimes they seem less like a way to keep friendly and more like a yard duty, whistle in mouth, storming in your direction. We still want to play, and we want to play nice—and cultivate a way, as a store, to communicate to our peers, aka customers, these are the ways to keep having fun together. And so, the inspiration for our new policy sign.

No Take Backs, No Do Overs

“Indian giver!” is a label no one wants to wear or hear—it’s better to give freely and to buy certainly, no matter how badly you wish you had it back. We love a good find, and we show up early and drive far to get the best to bring home for our friends. Once an item is sold, we want to get back out there and restock with more greatness and keep our inventory looking fresh. But All Sales Final shouted on the playground would be met with a cocked head and confused stare, and eventually would move you along to a different game with new kids. No Take Backs & No Do Overs keeps it simple, and fair.


No Wheelie Dealies

Yes, when you show up to the swap meet or estate sale, you have a little wiggle room on how many dollars you shell out for that Eames style (perhaps bonafide *fingers crossed*) chair, especially if the seller is not versed on going rates for vintage. We know, because that’s what we do. And we know what we have, and we value each item individually based on condition, rarity, and demand—and how much time and effort it took to hand pick and merchandise the store for easy shoppin’. Our price tags are not suggested, they are firm—and if we get a deal, we pass it on to you. Sometimes, rules are rules, for the sake of ease and efficiently—let’s not waste our time on the back-and-forth discussion when we could be playing. No wheelie dealies, let’s just play the game. Or let’s talk about life, the real stuff—we’ll brew some tea.

Once Upon A Time...Plenty Boutique

There was a magical shop tucked away in Santa Ynez, CA. If you haven't already done so, plan a well worth it day trip. Meet the ladies behind Plenty Boutique, Jules and Steph...


 How did you two meet?? What was your road to becoming the owners of Plenty?

We met at a friends gathering 20 years ago when we were both pregnant. Even though we are the same age, Jules was having her first child and Steph was having her last. Jules has 2 boys 20 and 18. Steph has 4 girls 29, 27, 21 and 20.

We both took a jewelry class and started making jewelry.Our love of jewelry developed into the store “Plenty” through a friend that offered the space to us, hoping to feature our jewelry in a 300 sq. foot space. Even though it was tight we managed to develop our style into a full boutique featuring clothes and home goods, mostly vintage.

What are you most proud of (specific items or aspect) at your shop?

We both decided the things we are most proud of is the community connection. We have employed many people with a focus on our youth. We consider it a privilege to spend time with them. And yes “mothering” does happen at times.The other thing we do for community is support many local fundraisers. There is never a shortage of needs in our local community and we donate regularly. The last thing we are proud of is the fact that we have been in business for 6 years this October and have actually expanded to 800 SQ. feet with a yard and our own office. And we feel God blessed our business because we really knew nothing about running a business. Just that we thought it would be “fun” :) Many people warned us about going into business with a close friend also. We are happy to say although there are many challenges, we hold firm to the motto that relationships are more important than business. We also love the social aspect. Visiting with friends and meeting new ones from all over the world.

What are some your favorite things to do in your town?

There are many things we are fond of doing in our little town. But jules favorite is hiking in the beautiful nature that we are fortunate to call our home. Steph’s favorite thing would simply be seeing friendly faces everywhere she goes. Having come from a large city, she never gets tired of running into friends at the grocery store. Small town living is a real plus for her.

What's exciting on your horizon?

Making the website better is our goal this year. No new exciting plans for “Plenty” on the horizon because honestly we feel what keeps this store charming is its size and special one of a kind merchandise. Bigger isn’t always better.

Free plane ticket to anywhere: where would you go?

Jules’s free plane ticket anywhere would be to Oaxaca, Mexico. The cultural history and beautiful architectural combined with the diverse shopping opportunities are calling her name! And Steph’s ticket would take her to Israel, one of the richest historical places in the world.


...and they live happily ever after.