Stephanie Hendry

I am just the orchestrator--the conductor! My biggest accomplishment is my ability to bring together the most amazing people to create this vintage/junking community. I have owned and operated Ruby Rose since 2009. I enjoy road-tripping, glamping, being funny, flea markets, family, friends, & life's little moments.

Kim Frederick

Kim knows what Stephanie needs before she does. She's the equivalent to the M*A*S*H character, Radar O'Reilly, Stephanie's ESP radar. A native to SLO, she supports local like no one I've ever met—she drives and advises so many in her community. Everyone needs a Kim.

Stacy Bartlett

Stacy is the working engine behind Ruby Rose, she has her hand in the behind-the-scenes business action. A road-trip warrior herself, she can navigate the roads for Stephanie as well as she navigates the shop's dollars and cents. 


Nancy Bernard

It's hard not to love Nancy--she's our biggest cheerleader. An avid volunteer, artist to the core and cultured traveler, Nancy brings an enthusiasm to the shop even on the dullest of days.

Shauna 'Probie' Rinaldi

While attending Cal Poly, Shauna worked here: modeling, shlepping carts, and doing anything we needed. After graduating, ‘Probie’ stayed in San Luis to work and buckle down, and write about all the stories whirling in her head. Stay tuned for more on this…


Brendy Alsup

Our very own  Mary Taylor Moore of the store. She can turn the world on with her smile. Super efficient and can rally like anyone’s business.


Ruby Hendry

Ruby is the namesake for the store, logo designer (at age 6), and Stephanie’s daughter. Ruby juggles studying with working at the shop. This girl is sharp, funny, and the best roadtrip companion.


Kendra Glazebrook

Kendra is a force. Wether it be in the kitchen, garden or in front of a sewing machine—she’s passionate about family and friends, and can recite trivia like nobody's business. 

Heidy Shannon

Heidy is steady, calming and has a wicked sense of humor. When Stephanie starts to spin, Heidy keeps her grounded and fills in all the details. Like her personality, her aesthetic is full of color and inherently orchestrated. She's the song to Stephanie's dance.


Ruby Alumn

...Then there are Kendrahah, Jennifer, Taylor, Kurt, Jenni, Jessica, Kathy, Betsi, Karen and others who work or have worked for Ruby Rose from time to time. They each bring their own flair to the table and we are so grateful for their contributions and presence! 


Marge Collins

Don’t let her sweet, quiet demeanor fool you. She has a great sense of humor, wit, and always dancing shoes!


Shaelin Morefield

Shaelin’s spirit captured our attention—her love of outdoors and adventure brings great vibes to the crew.