The Not So "Weekly" Six

Ok, so we try around these parts. But sometimes we don't manage to get the "weekly" six out. This week we did! Enjoy!

1. Mr. Wise Guy

2. A perfect little three drawer dresser, or organizer, or catch all, or night stand...

3. This suitcase has been all over the country, from Biloxi to Burmingham to Long Beach. Hmmm, where will you take it??

4. Industrial stools. These two are adjustable by height and by the back rest. I imagine they've been involved in some pretty important creative meetings. Good juju here.

5. Two beautiful chairs--original mohair, nice texture and just enough wear to show their years.

6. Once again we want to take you back to the 70's. I remember my beautiful and coveted Gunne Sax dress, long blond hair flowing, dates lined up on Saturday nights, Three Dog Night on the radio...oh, wait, that may have been my best friend Elke Bartlett.
We have a handful of original maxi dresses from years past, ready for a new life amongst technology, alternative music and electric cars.IMG_3520IMG_3524IMG_3522
images by jennifer young of i art u