The Ruby Review: I AM


I Am: 4 stars

My mother and I needed something to do this Mother's Day and like many afternoons we ended up at the Palm. I wasn't exactly sure what this movie was about based off the rotten tomatoes summary, and after seeing it I know this was because it is an extremely hard to explain documentary. I know that may sound precocious but even I, as a movie reviewer myself, don't know quite how to explain the story. Basically, famous director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Liar Liar) was in a nasty bicycle accident and after going through a bout of depression caused by his concussion, he decided to abandon his materialistic life, in search of what is wrong with human nature and how we can fix it. Recently in my English class we read The Lord of the Flies, the novel in which William Golding expresses how man is ultimately evil. And this movie gives a more positive view on us humans. Not that we are without flaws, but that it is in our nature to be loving, compassionate people. Definitely a mind blowing film, not one for those looking for a laugh. Low point of this movie was not actually related to the movie at all but instead was the man sitting next to me who incessantly tapped his popcorn from the bag into his mouth. Shame on you, dude. Shame on you.