It seems like there isn't a week that goes by that someone doesn't ask, "Do you ever watch that show with the pickers?". American Pickers! Well, we've seen it and it is very entertaining. It's funny though, a lot of it is similar to what we do in this crazy business...a lot is very different too.


On this particular day, it felt very similar. The morning started out at Sally Loo's, chatting over a cup of joe with my friends Barbara and Natellie. As the conversation went on, we began talking about a cute lil' trailer that our mutual friend Tamara had just adopted. Barbara expressed how much she would love to find one to adopt. I had just had a conversation with a gentleman in Nipomo that said he had a trailer for sale--it sounded cute and affordable. We made a call to him and he said to come on over. So we grabbed John (my husband) for operational outlook and drove up.

We were greeted by the gentleman, had some small talk (he has some amazing things), and were off on an adventure. A long walk...around a gate, through another gate and around the bend..


...and there she was, peeking out! She was darling! The trailer had been used as an office, so it was semi-gutted, although the original appliances and table were in still in tact.


If they adopt it, it will need quite a bit of restoration, but it will be many possibilities! We'll keep you posted. -S.