Is This Normal?

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OK, so I shared with you that my mind has been on vacation. I thought I'd share a little 'funny' with you to see what I am dealing with upstairs in this brain of mine.

I went to my favorite cafe, Sally Loo's, to meet two of my favorite people for a little breakfast slash event planning. After we were done, two hours later, I was walking to my car talking to John on the phone and I couldn't find my keys.

I looked in the car and...yep, there they were! John says "call AAA, that's why we pay the big bucks". After groaning a bit, I decided to check the door...and yep, it was open. And then, I noticed something..."John, gotta go, call you back later".

I couldn't believe it! The motor was still running! Yep, I parked it and apparently just walked away. Almost ran out gas!

Ha! Now you know what I'm dealing with. "This too shall pass", I keep reminding myself. I must say, I can now understand how people leave their kids in the car. Just sayin'...