Guest Post by Kim: Holiday Baking with the Grandmas

One of my favorite childhood memories revolves around holiday cooking and baking with the grandmas. Each grandma had her specialty, grandma C's was fudge and cookies and Grandma M's was breads.


Next year I will be a grandma and am looking forward to the day when I can bake with my grandchild. I uncovered a fun little cookbook for children we used when I was little. I remember the fudge sauce because we had it with ice-cream. Grandma C thought it was too runny so she added Karo to the recipe.

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We made the uncooked fudge, but I was just noticing that you need to melt the chocolate over boiling how is that not cooked?! It was easy to make and I thought it was good at the time (especially since I made it), but it didn't compare to Grandma C's fudge, so we never made it again.

Hope you are able take some time to make memories with your family and friends during the upcoming holidays. Especially the little ones. --K.