Garage Sale Signs

As you might imagine, the Ruby Rosers go to a lot of garage sales. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. We all have our different neighborhoods. We use Craigslist, smart phone apps, iPads or the back of envelopes for notes. But even with the latest technology, we still rely on signs along the way. Signs are also a great way to find sales that are not on your list.

We have become connoisseurs of signs and are here to offer some tips to would be garage salers.

with flower

This sign is cute, and fairly easy to read. The lettering is large, it is on cardboard or some other stiff material (no flapping in the wind). The flower is eye catching and does not distract from the address. The only thing that could make it better would be an arrow. Thanks, we made it to your sale.

broad & south

This sign, on an old cardboard box, was at the corner of Broad and South Streets in San Luis Obispo. Broad is a 4 lane street with a high speed limit. Even stopped at the corner in the right lane, we could not read your sign. Invest in a big fat pen. Sorry, we could not find your sale!

south & higuera

There were recently two signs at the corner of South and Higuera Streets in SLO. The top sign is bright and painted with black paint, but it is on paper and blowing in the breeze. The bottom sign is big but could have used the paint from the pink sign.

When you are making your signs, remember that we are looking at them while driving, early in the morning, before fully caffeinated. Use big pens (or thick markers) and write the address, time and date--and don't forget arrows. Don’t list items for sale, or other directions. Remember 35 miles per hour!

j & j corner

Good friends of Ruby Rose, Jenny & Joe, recently had a garage sale. And they rocked the signs. This monster sign was at the turn in to their neighborhood.

And at every turn along the way, they posted matching signs with arrows.

j & j post

And lastly, please please please take down your signs once your sale is over. Otherwise we might be knocking on your door next Saturday at 7 am.