Taking Some Time for Tea at Ruby Rose

At Ruby Rose, we surround ourselves with "beautiful" junk, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy some of the finer things in life, such as taking time out for afternoon tea.

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Our friend Tracy of Stewart & Clark has added afternoon tea time at her café, and we were happy to be the first to sample her Full Tea* menu.

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One of the teas was a lovely fragrant black tea called Miriage Freres--perfect for sipping out of a delicate vintage tea cup.


If you've ever been by Ruby Rose in the afternoon you will notice that we take our treat time very seriously. It's such a pleasure to sit down for a few moments and just enjoy sweet bites and each other. It's reviving, and in our case, it's a nice break before we attempt moving everything we moved out of the store, back into the store...before it gets dark.


Images by Jennifer Young of I ART U

*Just a note

Full Tea: tea, savory, scones, sweets & dessert

Light Tea: tea, scones & sweets

Cream Tea: tea, scones, jam & cream