The "Not So" Weekly Six

1. Mid-Century chest--All cedar lined, with a lift top. This is perfect for the space challenged -- T.V. on top, storage inside.


2. Garden department skylight--We have been anxious to add on a garden room and something special to anchor it. This skylight was exactly what we needed! You couldn't ask for a more perfect patina, and size. As much as we love it for garden, can't you see it in the kitchen, over an island??!


3. Lovely little purses--If only these little gems could talk. Can you picture the events and parties they must have gone to??


4. Necklaces-- We picked these necklaces up from the Melrose Trading Post. This vendor had sooo much to choose from. We brought back a handful -- priced from $18-$38!


5. Dress(es)-- we have restocked our clothing racks! With spring!


6. Art--We have to hand it to Kathy in this department! She has the eye for art. These two portraits were scored while up in the Bay Area. We all went to the Alameda flea one weekend, and while perusing, Kim and I turned to look for Kath and she had 4-5 men all around her and her basket of art. They were all intrigued and she took the opportunity to learn from them. She picked their brains on age and canvas and such.