There is no suprise here at The Rose, that we can find a reason to celebrate a season or an event
with all of the spring and summer music festivals, concerts and holidays on the horizon.


We thought that we better get on the outfit hunting and do the work for you!
Cinco de mayo is upon us--which is when us Americans like to celebrate the Mexican eats and drinks (did someone say chips and guac??), so we are ready to outfit and set the atmosphere.


The details and color in the embroidery are perfectly perfect!


We have taken a few of the traditional dresses and hemmed them to the perfect length.


When you see these, you can really tell the difference in the vintage pieces from the now produced pieces.The cotton and the embroidery floss is much heavier and rich.

For spring/summer, we have been picking up our 'always in stock' boots in colors!
We still have the beautiful browns and blacks, but added a splash of color when we can.


It could be the 70's in us, or the fact that we love the fabric bags, cottons, wools, colors, slings, love love love!


Great colors in woven blankets, leather hats, long layered necklaces...we are stocked.
These wonderful mohair covered chairs have just been reduced to $40 each! Great extra seating with style. OLÉ!