A Happy Wrong Turn

On Monday, the mister and I had to drive up to Berkely for a 911 root canal for Ruby. She's been in school there and it was bad timing for her tooth to scream out. On our way there, we missed our turnoff and found ourself having to cross the bridge and come back. While heading back, our gas warning light flashed on. At what age do we have it all together? We had a map, our iPhones with maps, and the mister and I each had cash for gas???? Well this is where serendipity came in. We made it across and turned off on Ashby and there was a gas station and da da da (!!!), the Urban Ore Salvage Yard!! We hadn't been there in years!! 

We only had a few minutes since we were on a 911 call, but it was the big one, and come on, what would you do??? Well we stopped, a really super quick stop. Here is what we spied:

Doors, windows, shutters, tubs, sinks, hardware, etc etc etc. We've been to a handful of salvage yards and the more organized and perfect, the more the price reflects.  At Urban Ore, it is really a dig, navigate and load on your own operation. There are helpful people to answer questions and direct you, and the prices are definitely fair to good.