Summers with Ruby

This summer is going to be much different than summers in the past... 
We have spent most summers hooking up the trailer and hitting the road.


If we weren't discovering history or roadside attractions, we were junking.


Last summers the tides were a changing when Ruby announced that she was going to raise a pig and compete at the fair. Hmmm, OK. It turned out to be a lot of work and a lot of fun. 


This summer, she is going to spend a month at Berkeley. Hmmm, OK. Our offspring, families, and friends are all a changing. What can we do? Pull out the humor card and support card is what we have planned. This month we are going to re-group at Ruby Rose, re-organize and replenish.


We hope your summer is as you hope it to be!

Side note. Do I worry that Ruby and John will be a bit miffed that these photos were posted? 
Not a bit, as most of the family and close friends don't really fead what I write. They are there to keep it real.