A Memorable Evening

You know that feeling when you are having a really special time with really special people and you wish it could last a really long time? That's exactly what was in store for us this particular eve in October. Friends that share a lot of common interests sent out an invitation to their ranch in the hills of Cayucos. Everything about their surroundings and living area was fantastic! I was able to take a handful of photos, though not too many so I could enjoy the evening and not miss out. With their permission, here is a peek into an amazing adventure of theirs.

One of the outdoor areas--a collection of bowling ball art. 

An amazing cactus garden throughout the ranch. The large round table was repurposed from a lid to an old farm water tank. 

The chicken coop was made from salvage and because of all the coyote in the area, a custom wired run was made for them.

This was soo clever--anticipating school aged kids, typewriters and paper were set out for their entertainment.

There are two airstreams on the property and a canned ham set up for company.....
The walls inside were patched in perfectly--the left wall was patched with license plates and vintage postcards!

An outdoor shower with a million dollar view...

...and this interior is darling--look at that oven!!


As you can see, this could be a resort. They could have served us PB & J's  and it would have been great...although homemade lasagna and fix-ins and pie was what was whipped up... 

...and the sunset was ordered special!