The Sweetest Story

About a year ago we had the coolest family from the L.A. area come into the store and spend some time with us. The lovely and (hot) mama of three fell in love with a set of beautiful carriage doors. The papa, wasn't as much in love quite yet, he (voice of reason) thought that maybe they would sleep on it.  

Before leaving the store, us gals, had a heart to heart with her. We knew that she had a little somethin' somethin' that could persuede him to fall in love with the doors as much as she had. She knew exactly what we were sayin' and said she was already on it!

The next day they came back into the store--no wait, I think she called--whatever, not so important how, but said that they wanted to buy the doors and would be back to pick them up with a truck soon (her magic worked!).

Flash forward 3 months, they walk in the door with their 3 darling lil ones and informed us that they turned out to be the most expensive doors they've ever purchased! She was 3 months pregnant!!


We think about them from time to time, they are not forgettable, the beautiful family they are. This past week they came in for a visit and guess who we met?! Yes, the beautiful Paisley Rose!! And guess what? The doors are in Paisley's nursery!


Thank you Jen for letting us share your story!