The Junking Trail, August 23 & 24

It's time to saddle up, grab your friends, and do a little junkin'! 
Join us on The Junking Trail on the 23rd and 24th of this month!


The first 3 listed on the image above are "occasional" sales meaning they accumulate goods and have a sale out of their homes/yard/barn when they have a load ready.

Villa Rossa Antiques

The next four on the list are a group of junk/vintage shops that will have their stores open and ready, with either sales, treats, or a business to host.

Sorenson Farms

Spend an hour or two, hit a sale or two (or 7), and have a fun day!


Check out our Facebook page before you head out.
We will update you with any last minute changes or additions!

P.S. Later this week, we will have a lil' sotry on Jaime of Tinker Tin Trailer Co. (who will be at Anthology on the 23rd and 24th!)--stay tuned!