Vintage Travel Pennants

Vintage travel pennants can add character to any room with their simple graphics, brightly colored typography, and soft felt texture. They have a way of inducing nostalgia, tugging at our inner wanderlust, and relishing past adventures. Remember back in the day when travel pennants were sold at local corner stores, gift shops, and souvenir stands? They served as a little token - a tangible treasure - to remind us of our childhood field trips, our family road trips, and our dreamy holiday vacations. To this day, they still evoke the excitement of exploring and sightseeing. We currently have quite a few charming vintage travel souvenir pennants at the shop, come have a look. We'd love to hear a fond memory you have of pennants, tell us at Ruby Rose or leave a comment below. Happy travels!
Vintage Souvenir Travel Pennants.
Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.