Sisterhood of the traveling bag: Bets

After oo-ing and awe-ing over this bag for weeks, we knew it was no ordinary purse. And in a stroke of inspiration, we found its purpose (rather, its purse-pose): to accompany us in our daily lives. It's a hand-stitched, black and tan leather bag, with a simple design and easy complements any outfit, day or night, and is hearty enough to go just about anywhere. For this year, we are passing it around through the Ruby crew, and documenting what adventures ensue. It is our version of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. So, without further adieu, we bring you The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag!

Either I was chosen because of my enthusiastic response to the endeavor, my presence at the point of conception, or just because of my impatience. Regardless, I, Betsi Clark, have the honor of being the first carrier; though I doubt I was the first, and probably not even the second. That is the beauty of a vintage item: it has a history. This bag, when it is old, will sit back and tell all the other bags in the closet just what its seen over the years-oh, how I would long to be one of those lucky purses, hanging on a hook to listen.

Well, at least I can tell you a few snippets of its story: the traveling bag's time with me.

One of my most favorite pastimes in San Luis Obispo is going to the Palm Theatre. I crave it when I live elsewhere. Whether it be a lazy afternoon, a weekend evening, or a $5 Monday movie night, there really is no bad time to catch a flick here. A group of us had been monitoring the release of the new Cohen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis, and took up 3/4 of a row this particular Monday night. Though the Palm makes excellent movie popcorn, I decided to include the bag in the fun, using it to smuggle in some homemade kettle corn (totally worth it). The purse behaved beautifully, kept its cool, and didn't even bulge carrying two big brown bags of popcorn for me and my date! Mission accomplished. And for those of you who missed it on the big screen, Inside Llewyn Davis is a must-rent. It led to a discussion afterward in the lobby, and us getting kicked out after a lengthy chat over the parallels of Ulysses and the symbolism of Llewyn being stuck in his own record, or was he the cat? (If you want a more thorough movie analysis, comment below)

Even the West Coast takes advantage of sunny days in Winter. With a case of the seasonal sniffles, reading in the park was about all I had the energy for. So, me and my boy took a stroll with a blanket and a book each packed inside my tote, grabbing drinks from Sally Loos along the way. That's him and the bag reflected on my RayBans, the apples of my eye that Wednesday afternoon.A week later, I took a trip to my hometown, San Diego, carrying small gifts for friends and family. To celebrate a buddy's birthday, a group of us rented a cabin in Big Bear, CA, and elatedly found a small layer of fresh snow waiting for us. A day of snowboarding and another spent exploring old ruins, my bag fared the snow, keeping beanies and dreamcatchers all dry inside. With nights spent cooking and playing games together, it was just what the doctor ordered. I drove back with a smile and full of great memories to reflect upon.

My friend, Sabrina Klomp, is an amazing photographer, and asked us to model for her growing portfolio. I outfitted myself in all Ruby Rose purchases, including the bag stuffed with props. It even sneaked into a couple photos-it's so photogenic, don't you think?

Also not pictured are lunches and dinners with dear friends, gaining constant compliments about my trusty companion, this beautiful, hearty traveling bag of ours.

And now I must sadly, yet expectantly, pass the tote onto the next lucky Ruby Rose crew. Stay tuned...